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Love is a 4 letter word

( and I have a dirty mouth )

Velocity Chyaldd
1 November
Experience my band VULGARAS!

CD cover shot by Adrian Buckmaster.

Styling & Make-up by DEITY.

HHH Song titles include:

Question Mark

Hot Knife

Heavy Handed Heart


Cinder Bridge

Mother Heart

Hotel California

Wild Eyed Bastard

Deep End


Bang Bang

Crap Shoot

Our 2nd album "Year of the Whore" is at -

CD Baby and

for download at iTunes!

Our Official Myspace Music Page

is at www.myspace.com/Vulgaras.

My other baby is my

monthly Burlesque revolution

called !BadAss! Burlesque:



Conception and Direction: Velocity Chyaldd

Editing and Post Production: (Devyl) Dave Sussman

Shot Thursday January 28th 2010 in room 5D at

the Carlton Arms Hotel in NYC,

painted by Venus DeMars of

'All The Pretty Horses.'

Vulgaras - Bang Bang

VULGARAS | MySpace Music Videos

Watch "Mother Heart"
featuring Robert Lund, Stormy Leather & Vanessa Batista.

VULGARAS | MySpace Music Videos


Vulgaras "Hotel California"

VULGARAS | MySpace Music Videos


by Val Kilmore

featuring Stormy Leather

Vulgaras "ManMaid" music video

shot in one take on the Lower East Side

by Saint Eve

On this page you will find

an eclectic, shameless,

& broad dreamer who is

hellbent on manifesting

her own bold, jazzy, spicy,

& extravagant wonder world.

I embrace life savagely

as a -

writer, vocalist, performer,

painter, provocateur, tattoo

enthusiast, harbinger of change,

witch, revolutionary, keeper of secrets,

and mommy to:

1 big alpha-turtle:

and 3 fabulous felines:

My scream queen debut in

the notorious 'Aunt Rose'

Available for purchase at -


and for rent at -


for details on this

gorilla-style flick

click the pic!


Go Here! for interview with

it's creator, Joshua Nelson.

Check out the trailer -

Check out Needles, the

man behind my body ink:


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